Bold Predictions Round 17

Bold Predictions Round 17

My biggest takeaway from 16 is that LA truly suck at home and Alessandrini is the MVP. Moving on we have SKC’s defense is legit (but that attack needs to pull it together) and ATL is going to the Eastern Conference Finals if not all the way to the MLS Cup.

Boy did I almost nail that ATL-CLB scoreline. If not for some glorious goal keeping from Kann it would’ve probably ended 3-2. Had Martinez started, that game ends with even more goals. Martinez is back, which is good for everyone on Atlanta and makes Atlanta a must-have in the upcoming DGW.

SKC wasn’t as nice to me score wise, but you were a happy camper if you listened to me. Feilhaber still finished with 6 points and both defenses came away with clean sheets. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Bold Record: 6-6-5

Bold Predictions Round 17

Round 17 has us moving into a DGW with lots and lots of options. My picks are going to be with Atlanta and LA Galaxy this week.
Atlanta is fully revitalized and ready to go against two of the weaker teams in the league Colorado and DC United. LA’s road form is on point and SKC’s away form is quite the opposite making LA a great DGW pick.

Atlanta United Take all 3 and Rake in the Fantasy Points

Martinez is back. Almiron’s swagger is back and Atlanta United’s attack is back to the most exciting in the league. Both Colorado and DC United aren’t ready for what’s coming. Colorado may have loads of “spirit” and “fight” but it won’t be enough come this round. Buy in on Atlanta’s attack and if you’re scared to go all in on the attack pick up a defender or two. The Bold Prediction here isn’t that they will win both games (I’m pretty confident about that) it’s that they’re going to obliterate both opponents.

Bold Predictions

Result: ATL 4-1 DCU, COL 1-3 ATL
My Picks: Martinez ($9.4) is at a criminally low price point and his return makes Almiron ($9.7) and Asad ($8.4) incredibly valuable as well.

LA Galaxy Fix Road Firm

LA Galaxy have shown they can score as long as they have Alessandrini and will continue to score this weekend. A road game against Colorado won’t be an issue. The home game against SKC will be a bit more tricky however. I believe in Alessandrini so everyone needs to keep the faith. The question will be whether or not their defense can come through.

Bold Predictions

Result: COL 2-1 LA, LA 1-0
My Picks: Alessandrini ($10.3) is essentially a must-have on all fantasy teams DGW or not. If you’re interested in some cheaper options I’d give Boateng ($6.1) a look. He’s cheap and if you’ve ever watched him play he’s one of the most dangerous players on this LA team. Without Dos Santos look at Boateng to pick up some slack.

As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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  1. So did last night finally expose the lie that Atlanta is a top team? Dangerous, yes, top team, no.

    • I think last night definitely leaves a lot of questions for Atlanta United, but if they don’t give away that sloppy back pass then DC doesn’t have the momentum they needed to turn that game around. Additionally, Martinez wasn’t starting so the jury is still out for me. But you’re right they’re not going to win the MLS Cup like this, but definitely still in the running.

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