Bold Predictions Round 18

Bold Predictions Round 18

If you followed my advice on picks you were probably a happy camper. Virtually all of Atlanta did well assuming you went with Asad, Almiron, Martinez or any defense. However, they didn’t obliterate their opponents and even lost to DCU, which was appalling, but let’s not kid ourselves, they were dominating that game and then a giveaway cost them the momentum and the game. If that doesn’t happen, or Martinez starts, the momentum doesn’t switch and Atlanta runs away with that game. As for the Colorado game, they’ve always been stingy with goals. It’s very rare that we see a team go off on Colorado for 4 or 5 goals, but looking at the game this weekend, there really should’ve been at least 1 or 2 more goals. The problem was just finishing. I’ll take the L for this prediction, but remember how happy you were with my picks ok?

Moving on to LA. It looks like I did a poor job of editing my own picks because I had those predictions backwards. LA was always going to win against Colorado on the road (after all their road form is waaaaaay better than their home form) and draw or lose to SKC at home. Other than that those who kept the faith with Alessandrini weren’t let down. The midweek lineup had a lot of us sweating, but he did what he does best, and put the team on his back.

Bold Record: 7-6-6


Bold Predictions Round 18

Round 18 is going to make things a bit tough on us. With all the midweek USOC games as well as the Canadian Championship game it’s hard to know what the rotation will be like for some teams. I’m fond of Atlanta, but they were very willing to put out a full strength lineup for their last USOC matchup which probably has a lot of you worried about this week. However, it looks like Atlanta is going with an experimental lineup leaving the big names available for a huge game against the Crew this weekend.
I’m keeping consistency with last week and picking LA again. For bold predictions I only predict away wins or true underdogs. LA is not an underdog, but playing at Aviya stadium against one of the more staunch defenses in the league with a home record of 4-1-4 is no easy ask. Whose record will hold up? We’ll find out this weekend.

Atlanta United Bring it to Columbus

I jumped the gun last week. I got awfully excited about Martinez’s return and went all in on Atlanta. While it wasn’t a bad decision from a FMLS perspective, they weren’t ready to put out the dominant performance I was expecting. That’s going to change this week because the stakes are high for this game. Columbus are a point above Atlanta in the standings, providing Atlanta with a perfect statement piece. Many of you may be scared off by Columbus’ 6-2-1 Home record and Atlanta’s 2-5-3 Away record, but don’t be. Almiron and Martinez are going to have phenomenal games. I see one of them getting a brace in a potentially high scoring game.

Bold Predictions

Result: CLB 2-3 ATL
My Picks: Martinez ($9.5) is at a criminally low price point and his return makes Almiron ($9.8) and Asad ($8.4) incredibly valuable as well. This was true last week and it’s true this week although their prices have gone up just a bit. As usual Meram ($10.1) is always a good pick. He didn’t get in on the fun in the 4-1 win over Montreal so I expect him to come through this weekend.

LA Galaxy Continue Dominance on the Road

San Jose’s defense is no walk in the park, but LA are 5-2-1 on the road for a reason. If LA’s road form wasn’t enough to worry San Jose proponents, then San Jose’s new coaching change might do it. The players won’t say this is going to affect their game play but it will. Maybe this match gets heated and we see a red card from San Jose or maybe they just won’t have enough to fight for in this game. Either way Alessandrini smells blood in the water and is going to make them pay for any mental lapses San Jose has in the game.

Bold Predictions

Result: SJ 1-2 LA
My Picks: Alessandrini ($10.4) is essentially a must-have on all fantasy teams. He’s the backbone of LA’s attack and he’s been incredibly consistent, not just for a newcomer. 8 goals and 6 assists in 15 games is amazing production. He was brought in to help spark the offense, instead he became the offense. I’m always a fan of Boateng ($6.1) for a switcheroo. He shows his pace in games and his attacking threat. He’s got the potential to go off like Accam did last week, but his inconsistency makes him useful only as a switcheroo.

As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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