Booze & Bluster Video Podcast: Episode 1

Booze & Bluster Video Podcast: Episode 1

Hey everyone, so after a couple of weeks that have been filled with #FantasySorrows many managers have been filled with the need to rant. Normally, I provide an outlet for this frustration in the weekly rant threads over at r/FantasyMLS. However, Guy Sanchez, Tim Shaw, and I decided that we needed something more. Something that would allow us to not only vent our frustrations, but also provide something fun for other MLS Fantasy managers. So we began sending messages over Twitter, got together one weekend, and put together a little video project.

The result is the Booze & Bluster Video Podcast which combines our love for MLS Fantasy, Soccer, Ranting, and Potent Potables. This is just the first episode, and we’re honestly not sure how regularly we’ll me recording this at the moment, but we do plan on doing it again. So without any further delay, I hope you enjoy Episode 1 of the Booze &┬áBluster Video Podcast.


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