DGW 11 Punts

DGW 11 Punts

With DGW11 rapidly approaching on Wednesday the 18th, my primary focus will be DGW players.



  • Irwin  (TFC – 5.6 Mil @ 7.0 % Ownership): With TFC having a Home/Home DGW11, Irwin is a no brainer if you’re looking to bring in a GK this week. He does have a GW13 bye, but the Home/Home DGW seals the deal for me


  • Moor (TFC—7.4 Mil @ 5.9 %): Read above on my Irwin pick.
  • Hernandez (NYCFC – 6.6 Mil @ 2.3 % Ownership): NYCFC have a decent DGW11 fixture. Playing @ tfc and home against NYRB, I can see A LOT of BP’s from JH. NYCFC also play through GW13, so there’s no need to change defenders out.
  • Zizzo (NYRB – 6.4 Mil @ 1.9 % Ownership): NYRB also have decent DGW11 fixtures playing home against CHI, then away at NYCFC.


  • Pirlo (NYCFC – 10.1 Mil @ 2.7 % Ownership): Pirlo is on CK, and some other SP. Hes starting to come into form, and could be a sneaky DGW11 pick up
  • Bradley (TFC—10.3 Mil @ 7.3 % Ownership): It’s a general consensus of the MLSFI crew that Bradley is a must have this week. He is 2nd on BP generation, only to Valeri. He’s a great under the radar pick.
  • Accam (Chi—9.1 Mil @ 3.5% Ownership): Accam WHEN HEALTHY, is one of the most explosive players in MLS. He is returning from injury, and could be a force this DGW.


  • BWP (NYRB – 10.7 Mil @ 5.4 % Ownership): BWP is one great differential to have this week. A lackluster year so far with some good fixtures points to a breakout for me. I believe BWP will surprise us all this week!

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