DGW 8 Punts

DGW 8 Punts


Hello friends. Well…GW 7  was a monumental let down. Let’s recap last week’s punts.

  • Bush—90 Min, 2 pts
  • Watson—90 Min, 2 pts
  • Hernandez—90 Min, 3 pts
  • Aird—90 Min, 9 pts
  • Nguyen—90 Min, 4 pts
  • Jones—86 Min, 7 pts
  • Drogba—90 Min, 3 pts
  • Total—30 pts


We’re now entering into DGW 8. With MTL(nycfc/COL), NE(POR/ORL), NYCFC(MTL/VAN), PDX(ne/TOR) ,SKC(van/LA) and VAN(SKC/nycfc) all having DGW’s.


  • Saunders  (NYCFC – 5.0 Mil @ 12.6 % Ownership): There are no DGW keepers besides PDX(Gleeson), that are under 10% ownership. With 2 DGW Home games(MTL/VAN), Saunders has a shot at some good BP’s and maybe even a CS.


  • PDX (Taylor—6.3 Mil @ 0.9 %,Valentin—6.8 Mil @ 0.4 %, Klute—7.0 Mil @ 0.3 %): With PDX having 2 DGW’s in 3 weeks, one of the options listed above may provide to be a great differential.
  • Woodberry (NER – 5.0 Mil @ 6.5 % Ownership): Yes I said it! I had Woody for the last DGW, and he scored 11 points for me. With Tierney out, Woody can step in anywhere on the back line. Hes a cheap option for a DGW Home/Home schedule.
  • Aird(VAN – 6.4 Mil @ 3.1 % Ownership): I stand by this pick for the 2nd week in a row. Vancouver’s defense has been pretty solid this year. Waston and Parker are on everyone’s radar. Aird is the sneaky, inexpensive way into VAN’s defense for their DGW8(SKC/la) games.


  • Zusi (SKC – 10.1 Mil @ 3.9 % Ownership): Zusi has 2 DGW’s in 3 weeks. With the low ownership, he could be a great differential for the next 3 weeks.


  • The only differential DGW FWD’s I like this week are ADI and possibly Drogba. They are over the 5% ownership, but could be boom or bust. I currently have Adi and cant afford the steep 11.4 Mil for Drogba.


Hopefully you are setting yourself up for a big DGW8/DGW10! Keep in mind the Chi/Phi byes in GW9. Chi will have a B2B DGW10/11 and PHI will have DGW10. Best of luck, this week and remember, lineups lock on Wednesday the 27th at 7pm EST!


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