Draft Analysis – Selecting Goalkeepers

Selecting Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are one of the simplest positions to evaluate in both MLS Fantasy and Draft format. They offer little variance and the point differentials among starters is not that great game to game. Without the odd PK save, their is little to go on besides team form.

Premium Goalkeepers

It’s really hard to list anyone as a premium goalkeeper. You have three basic groups to choose from: guaranteed starters, should be starters, and everyone else.

  • The Best Defensive Teams usually produce a good keeper. Teams like Dallas, Colorado, and Seattle have consistently done well and their goalkeepers rack up decent points.
  • PPG and PP90 are the best indicators to go on for keepers, just like defenders. These numbers typically remain consistent when starting.
  • Teams that tend to struggle holding the ball and give up lots of crosses tend to have statistically better fantasy goalkeepers. While this sacrifices clean sheet bonuses, it generates a lot more save opportunities for the keepers.

Holding Steady

Your standard crew of Howard, Frei, Rowe, and Robles are still near the top of the list for fantasy keepers. Essentially every keeper that is locked to start should produce consistent numbers. Evaluating their surrounding defenses is a better indicator of the potential changes in GK production.

Goalkeepers On the Rise

There isn’t much to go on here, but there are a few names that could be in for breakout years.

  • David Bingham has done well in SJ and has flown somewhat under the radar. He’s only going to get better with age.
  • Alec Kann got several games with SKC last season and impressed enough to get selected by Atlanta in the expansion draft. His numbers were decent and full time starting role is just what he needs.
  • Cody Cropper looks to have the NE Revolution starting role following the departure of Bobby Shuttleworth. The youngster shows lots of promise.

Falling Out

A few decent producers always trip players up. Don’t get caught with one of the guys on his way out.

  • Josh Saunders was great for NYC in 2016, but he’s likely the backup in Orlando.

Starting Goalkeepers Rankings According to the Author

These are highly subjective and dependent on repeated performances and speculation. While the individual positions might be off, the general area of each player is a better indication of how they are expected to perform.

2RoweLA Galaxy
4BinghamSan Jose
11HamidDC united
16CropperNew England

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