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The introduction of the 2018 Fall Fantasy season has brought a budget and a player price reset. This has left a lot of players scratching their heads as they try to find a balance between value players, who will actually get play time, and marque players who will put up big points. Some have expressed frustration about the price reset because while many reverted back to their starting Round 1 price, others have had price or position adjustments to more accurately reflect their point producing potential (as reported on past episodes of the MLSFI Podcast).

Long time MLS Fantasy Boss contributor and fantasy stats guru Andrew Crollard has reviewed the price changes and compiled a list of some of the best value options. Most of the these players are starters, play significant minutes before a 2nd half sub, or are super subs with a good track record for points.

You can also head over to r/FantasyMLS and join the ongoing discussion of value players and which are the best options.






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