Game Week 6 Punts

Game Week 6 Punts

Welcome to the GW6 edition of Player Punts! I hope all of you had a better fantasy week than I did. And now to hurry up and forget about it, there are some great value players that are not only undervalued, but extremely low ownership percentage.

This week’s punt picks are going to be full of DGW players because if you’re bringing a player in, it should definitely be someone who has a chance to get you double points.


  • MacMath  (COL – 5.1 Mil @ 2.4 % Ownership): Colorado is a stout defensive team, just like last season. They’ve conceded just 3 goals, the fewest of any team in the league. They haven’t conceded a goal at home yet and with a flailing NYRB attack coming to Colorado, there’s a decent chance at a clean sheet.


  • Bernardez (SJ – 7.5 Mil @ 2.6 % Ownership): With the status of Goodson still questionable, Bernardez is the safer CB pick in San Jose. He’s got decent CBIRT and some of us are still holding out hope that San Jose returns to their defensive form of last year.
  • Taylor (POR – 6.4 Mil @ 0.9 % Ownership): Taylor has been the replacement for Ridgewell and played every minute of the season so far. He’s level on points with Borchers but costs $1.3 less.
  • Ouimette (NYRB – 5.3 Mil @ 1.0 % Ownership): Ouimette stepped into the starting CB role when Zubar and Baah both went down with hamstring injuries. Zubar looks close to returning but Baah looks to miss at least this week. Ouimette is a cheap DGW option so you can shift money elsewhere.


  • Powers (COL – 7.6 Mil @ 4.8 % Ownership): Powers was a beast two years ago before the reign of Pablo. He seems to be fairly locked in with minutes and hopefully his youth lets Pablo leave him on the field for most of the 180.
  • Zusi (SKC – 10.1 Mil @ 2.1 % Ownership): Another player who used to be a fantasy beast. He’s returning to good form so far this year. With potentially out again, he should be on basically all set pieces to give him a chance at grabbing some more assists.
  • Quintero (SJ – 6.6 Mil @ 1.7 % Ownership): He’s cheap, he’s in favor, and he’s producing. Plus he has a home game in week 7 too. The fact that he puts in an honest shift defensively means he’ll probably hold on to his starting role for a while in Kinnear’s system.


  • Wondolowski (SJ – 10.7 Mil @ 6.6 % Ownership): Wondo is doing Wondo things. He already has 4 goals to his name and not much else. Don’t be surprised if he grabs one or two more this week.
  • Akindele (DAL – 7.6 Mil @ 2.2 % Ownership): Akindele started for the injured Diaz last week in a 4-4-2 and bagged his second goal in as many weeks. He can play on the wing too if Pareja decides to rotate one of Barrios/Castillo.
  • Gashi (COL – 8.9 Mil @ 1.1 % Ownership): Gashi was a proven player with FC Basel before coming to MLS. Despite Colorado’s scoring woes, he’s passed the eye test and could bag a goal this week.


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