KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 12

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Keep reading for the breakdown of our transfers.

Week 11 summary

Well after the poorer than expected week 10, it was nice to break the 100 point mark again this week. Overall, we were really pleased with the team. Wallace was a great pickup on defense, Rowe even came through for us, and Wondo also got a goal! After the point adjustment today, we ended the week with 123 points and a bunch of green arrows.

Week 12 Changes

Going into this week the big decision was how to best take advantage of the double game week. Both LA and Philly are playing two games, so their players required extra consideration. We already had Jack McInerney and Amoki Okugo from previous transfers (week 12 prep what what!) but zero LA players. With Parke still being questionable, we decided to not pick up any of the Philly defense. We also decided against Zac MacMath mostly because we plan to get a different keeper next week and did not want to take -4 this week (which we did not think he was worth).

So then it was LA. Two away games made us shy away from Cudicini and potential national team involvement made us not pick Omar Gonzalez, Keane, and Donovan (though Donovan may not rejoin just yet). We want our LA pick to last since they don’t have a bye soon. In the end we settled on a risky move, we sold Michel Garbini Pereira for Todd Dunivant. We know he’s listed as questionable, but he has been training and we think he could be a good long term option. It also freed up some funds for our next trade.

Keylin Rowe was great for us last week, but we wanted a little more power going forward. We think we found that in Javier Morales. He plays Chivas this week, so he has a good chance for points, but the real draw is the THREE home games after that and RSL have a good home record.

Some may be surprised that we did not sell Collin. Well, if we did, we would want him back after his bye weeks in 15 and 16. So we are keeping him and protecting the value he has earned.

Our bench is pretty simple with Johnson as the #1 man and Collin at the back. That just leaves captain… Currently is Jack McInerney. He’s the popular pick this week but we are also still thinking about Zusi. We are even looking at Wondo since San Jose has all of their suspended players back. But this is how it stands now.

Week 13 Prep

We already made one trade to get rid of some players who will not be playing in week 15 and that is out focus right now. We want to have a full team for week 15 so that we can use our wild card for week 16.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 12. What do you think? How did your team do? Have any questions for us? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions. We are also now on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Feel free to tweet us too.


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