KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 13

Don’t forget, the transfer deadline is at 6:45 PM TODAY. Be sure to get all your final questions answered at r/FantasyMLS or by our Twitter account @FantasyMLSTips. GOOD LUCK! Also, if you have Magee, he may not play.

Keep reading for the breakdown of our transfers.

Week 12 summary

Last week’s summary can be summed up in two words, “no Donovan”. Everyone who had Donovan and Keane got big points last week and if you had both, well congrats. He was not added to the KFC team because we were worried about an international call up, and that did not happen. The other disappointment was we played the wrong Portland player. Johnson was sitting on our bench with a nice 12 points. Still we managed to scrape together a nice 76 points and finished well above the average. Our team is also still in the top 25 so we can’t be too disappointed.

Week 13 Changes

Deciding on trades this week was tough. Soon we’ll get three free trades to help deal with the byes in Weeks 15 and 16, but there were some needed changes this week that made us decide to take a -4 which we did not originally plan.

The biggest change was that we wanted Donovan now that it looks like he will not be rejoining the USMNT immediately. It was easy to drop Davis for Landon Donovan. The money did not matchup though and we needed to make at least one more trade to free us the funds. We thought there were two players that made sense to look at first: Wondo and Wallace.

Wallace is going to leave for internationals soon and Portland has a bye in week 14, so we wanted to purge our players. Originally we were thinking to drop all of them, but with the current form of Will Johnson (and not Canada call up) we decided that he was worth keeping. Even though the match against DC looked good for Portland, we thought that the New England match against Toronto also looked good and would let us finally get a defender that we have wanted for a bit. So we dropped Wallace and added Jose Goncalves.

This move also let us with negative cash, so in order to keep it, we needed to trade our other player option, Wondo. Mr. Money sink. His last two game weeks looked promising and he got a couple of goals for us, but he’s not a long term option for us. After week 15, we have plans to more to a different forwards combination so we went ahead and picked up a player who we thought had a better chance of scoring, and freed us up some cash: Deshorn Brown.

As for the rest of the lineup, we have Hedges in, but with his injury update we may bench him for Okugo, still waiting for some more late info (if any). We’ve also decided to play Irwin over Perkins. Montreal has conceded fewer home goals, but we believe the Chivas is less of a goal scoring threat that Philly. And that leads to the big question…which forwards? All are good options, but we decided to go with the Home game and start Deshorn Brown.

Our final decision was the captain, and we gave that to Javier Morales. With hope, he will help Real Salt Lake give a similar beat down to Chicago this week.

Week 14 Prep

We’re thinking about trading out some of our big name players as week 15 approaches and we’re pretty sure we’ll be using out Wildcard soon. This means planning is not as far ahead but the double games in week 16 are appealing.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 12. What do you think? How did your team do? Have any questions for us? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions. We are also now on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Feel free to tweet us too.


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