KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 16

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Keep reading for the breakdown of our transfers.

Week 15 summary

Week 15 was a disappointment for us. We finished way above the average score, but not the average of the top teams. We had several players who did not perform as we expected, even though their teams did well (Thanks J Mac, W. Johnson, and Traore). Fortunately, we did not loose many places as we thought we might. Things definitely could have been worse.

Week 16 Changes

This week was all about taking advantage of the double game week. We decided early that we did not needs to clean out all of our single game players and (as you may have notices) we could go heavy on some teams that might not have great schedules because next week we’re going to use our wild card.

Keeper picks was easy, Irwin all day long.

Since defense is the spot where double game players seem to pay off the most, so we knew we wanted to play 5 defenders (mostly DGW). We used our three trades to get rid of Jeff Parke, Aurélien Collin, Djimi Traore. In their place we decidedthe Colorado defense numbers were tempting enough to added Nathan Sturgis (attacking thread playing OOP in midfield), we also decided to take a risk on Montreal (especially after hearing about the Columbus woes) and added Matteo Ferrari and Hassoun Camara. Unfortunately, yesterday we also traded O’Brien because of his injury. It was not a move we wanted to take and we added Michael Harrington for a -4.

Our Midfield stayed the same and we just sad our players with no game.

Finally, we already had 1 double game forward, Brown, so he was an obvious start, but we also wanted one more, Maro Di Vaio. So we dropped Fagundez for another -4. Di Vaio was our original -4 pick but that was increased to a -8 after the O’Brien injury. Not what we planned, but we hope it works out.

The captain pick was hard. We spent a lot of time trying to decide if we wanted to go with a differential pick to try to gain some ground, but in the end, the Columbus game just looks too good for Di Vaio. It may be best to play it safe this week.

Week 17 Prep

This is Wild Card time! We’re looking to add some of our big players back and try to play the market some to maybe gain a little value at the same time. But mostly, we want to be in a good place for points.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 16. What do you think? How did your team do? Have any questions for us? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions. We are also now on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Feel free to tweet us too.


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