KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 2

I can’t believe that it’s already week 2! I’ve gotten a few requests about what we did to the KFC team this week, so I hope I cover any questions people may have. Perhaps I’ll make this post earlier next time. If not, post them in the usual places r/FantasyMLS, the KFC Facebook Page, or in the comments below. Keep reading for the details after the break. ?;^)

Week 1 summary

We’ve definitely come out of the gate strong for this season (yeah horse racing reference).  Almost every player came away with an assist, a goal, or a clean sheet and we ended the week with 101 points. Frankly, I’m pretty pumped about this and hope things continue. Zusi was our highest scorer followed by Keane who earned 22 points after the captain bonus. Juninho (NY) was the only new player who did not earn a lot of points, but the New York game was so exciting that I can overlook that.

Week 2 Changes

So what did we do for week 2? Not much has changed. Only 1 trade was used and that was to swap out Robbie Keane for the No Game week that LA has in week 2. In his place is Chris Wondolowski. As I mentioned in our week 2 Forwards and Captains articles, Wondo is not the type of player who can go long without scoring.

With the news on Juninho (NY) we are also trading him out for Jackson Goncalves. Dallas does not have a bad run of cames in the next few weeks, but more importantly they do not have a “No Game” week soon. This move will free up some funds for a trade later in the season.

Jermaine Taylor (HOU) and Carlo Cudicini (LA) are also not playing this week, but we knew that was coming and were easily able to replace them from out bench. Jeff Parke is playing on our defense this week and I think Philly could do well in this game, even if it dumps snow in Colorado. Cudicini is being replaced by Bill Hamid, who will have a tough game against Real Salt Lake. DC has a good home record and Hamid played well in week 1 (thought you can’t count on a PK save every week) so I think there is a good chance for a clean sheet here.

Everything else is the same.


The captain’s armband is going to Graham Zusi this week. I don’t always try to chase points, but Kansas City is playing Toronto this week and I think that will give Zusi another opportunity to earn big points.

Week 3 Prep

If you have not already, start thinking about week 3. Vancouver is the only team that is not playing, so you can expect Kobayashi to be leaving our lineup. By only making 1 trade this week, I’ll have 3 ready to go for week 3. But you’ll have to check back next week to see what we do with them.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 2. What do you think? How did your team do? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions.

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  1. Aren’t you concerned that Correa and Armstrong aren’t playing? If there is an injury, you don’t have a players on the bench that are playing. Shouldn’t you get cheap, but playing subs?

    • Chivas is still figuring itself out, so Correa may get his turn. The current plan is to just replace the main players if they get hurt with someone else the next week.

      My extra defender can also be brought in if No Game weeks cause a problem with trades due to injury.

      I’m not saying upgrading subs is not something that will not happen this season, but a wildcard is a much better opportunity for that than one of my 2 trades.

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