KFC’s Fantasy MLS Keeper picks – Week 11


Testing out the new format on the keeper article this week, and BOY what a week it’s going to be. So many teams have double game this week that it makes it kind of hard to not have 10 or 11 double game players. But whom do you want in your goal? Well, keep reading if you want to see out tip.

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The Big Guns
Some of the most obvious picks and typical go-to guys

  • Bill Hamid ($5.1m @ 21%. Home game vs Montreal and Away vs Dallas): I honestly don’t know why Hamid is still the most owned keeper. Perhaps it’s because people think that DC is bound to get better. These two games do not look good for him. If keeper points do not concern you, then I guess you can keep or bench him, but we don’t like Hamid and don’t think he’s worth owning.
  • Jimmy Nielsen ($6.1m @ 15%.  Home game vs Seattle and Away game vs Houston): Not a bad schedule here. Seattle is doing a bit better, but we don’t think they are up to the caliber of SKC. Houston is tough at home, so this will be a battle and might be a worry for Nielsen to keep a clean sheet. Not a bad option.
  • Tally Hal ($5.8 @ 14.4%. Away game vs DC and Home game vs Kansas City): Hall had a fantastic game last night against LA, and that is sure to inspire him with confidence leading into the double game week. Houston is not always great on the road, but DC have been awful everywhere this season. The SKC game will be the biggest test, so Houston will have to play tough to keep their home record intact. Not a bad option.
  • Raul Fernandez ($5.7 @ 5.8%. Home game vs Portland and Home game vs DC): The only keeper with two home games. The big advantage here is that nether of these teams are great. Portland has been playing well. Portland not look like as easy of a pushover as DC,  but we think both are these games are winnable for Dallas and present good chances for Fernandez to get a clean sheet.

Hot Transfer Targets
Players on good form or with good games who are current popular picks

  • Troy Perkins ($5.3m @ 40.4%. Away game vs New York and Home game vs Real Salt Lake): one of the hot undervalues keepers of this season. Montreal are monsters but they have what we would call a medium schedule. New York and Real Salt Lake both have the potential to score, but they don’t always seem to be firing on all cylinders. IT will depend which team shows up. Still, Montreal have overcome almost every challenge they have faced this year.
  • Nick Rimando ($6.0m @ 13%. Away game vs New England and Away game vs Montreal): Two away games will be a challenge for Rimando, but we think the hardest game will be against Montreal. New England should provide a good chance for a clean sheet.
  • Luis Robles ($5.6 @ 3%. Home game vs Montreal and Away game vs New England): Robles is the highest scoring keeper so far this season and he has an unexpectedly low ownership rate due to the rough form of NY at the start of the year. The Montreal game should be the hardest for NY, but fortunately it is at home. The New England game is on turf, so some of NY’s players may not play in that one, fortunately Robles is not one of them, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Rising Underdogs
Differential picks that look good to gain value over the next few games

  • Donovan Ricketts ($5.7m @ 5.8%. Away vs Dallas and Home game vs Chivas.) One of the hot transfer picks right now. Portland has a rough game against Dallas, but the Chivas game is winnable, especially if they try to bunker up due to Kennedy being out. Portland also hav an advantage of a game in week 15, so this could be a long term benefit too.
  • Jon Busch ($5.4m @ 3.5%. Home game vs Toronto and Awa game vs Seattle): San Jose has not kepy many clean sheets this season, so Busch is really more of a differential pick. The advantage he has this week is having one of the easier schedules. But Seattle has started to improve some, so that could cause problems later in the week
  • Clint Irwin ($4.6m @ 10.4%.  Away game vs Columbus.) Irwin does NOT have a double game. We are just putting him here because he is still under $5. So if you are using your wild card this week, keep that in mind.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions.

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  1. Great work, keep it up. I have stuck with Irwin due to lack of funds (ie: fielding a better MF) but only have to assume his run of results, luck, Fantasy points, etc. will end soon. How do you feel about him in next 1-8 weeks or so?

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