KFC’s MLS Cup Final Captain Poll

captain-MLSDon’t forget, the transfer deadline is Saturday the 7th (TOMORROW) at 3:45pm so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set.

Have you decided on your captain yet? Be sure to vote and see how your pick does before finalizing you team. Also, if you would like to join the discussion, be sure to visit the thread at /r/FantasyMLS.

Keep reading for our top picks and the poll. Don’t forget to vote below!

This captain pick all come down to who you think will win. As I mentioned before, I think RSL has the best chance so that’s what team my pick will come from. Both teams have excellent defensive units, but I think we’ll see goals for each team, so I’m going to keep away from a defensive captain. Forwards and Midfielders have also been a little spotty, but two players to stand out, Javier Morales and Robbie Findley. Morales has 2 Assists and 1 goal in 4 games and Findley has 2 Goals and 1 Assist in 4 games. Bot are on good form but I think that SKC will come out rough and that could lead to several set plays in the final 3rd of the field and that means good opportunities for Morales. So my captain for this week is going to be Javier Morales.

What about you? Take a moment to vote in the poll below and then why not leave your thoughts at r/FantasyMLS.

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