KFC’s MLS Fantasy Captain picks – Week 16

captain-MLSA bussier than expected schedule for me made it not possible for me to make every post on time this week. Fortunately, there are a lot of great people at the r/FantasyMLS who picked up the slack some.

If you want to get some captain tips and participate in the ongoing discussion, stop by and at least take a look at the Week 16 Captain thread. I’ve also included our poll after the break so you can take a look and vote in that as well.

Here’s our top pics this week, but the discussion can be found on the r/FantasyMLS Reddit forum. Overall, we don’t think this is a week to go for a differential. Staying with the pack will help you survive and then you can look for option when fewer teams are on a bye or have international players gone.

Top 3

  • Marco Di Vaio
    Good form, bad luck Columbus, good chance at Houston.
  • Clint Irwin
    Very solid keeper, the numbers look good for him this week. Maybe a little risky? Yeah.
  • Will Johnson or Diego Valeri
    We’re split on this one. Basically we think they both have a good chance nad it comes down to personal preference.


  • Camilo Sanvezzo
    Vancouver has good attacking numbers at home and Camilo has been in good form. It’s a good shot we know many will be taking.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions. Good Luck!

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