KFC’s Semi Finals Leg 1 Captain Poll

captain-MLSDon’t forget, the transfer deadline is Saturday the 2nd (Today) at 7:45pm so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set.

Have you decided on your captain yet? Be sure to vote and see how your pick does before finalizing you team. Also, if you would like to join the discussion, be sure to visit the thread at /r/FantasyMLS.

Keep reading for our top picks and the poll. Don’t forget to vote below!

Last game I went against my Caparoo rule and I switched off of Eddie Johnson for Brad Davis. So I got 4 points instead or 14. Thins happen, but this is why I believe it’s important to stay with what you have when you have a good caparoo score.

This week, it’s important to add an eliminated player if you want to caparoo (or just not drop one). The best options seems to be Montreal defender Karl Ouimette who only costs $3.8m. There are also some cheap midfielders if you would rather go defensive heavy this week.

As for captain choices, I think the main pick will be Keane this week. My VC is currently on Valeri, but if that does not work out, I’ll be putting it on Landon Donovan or Robbie Keane.

What about you? Take a moment to vote in the poll below and then why not leave your thoughts at r/FantasyMLS.

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