MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 7 Team

MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 7 Team

You’ve read all the advice from the MLS Experts, you’ve chatted with other managers here at MLS Fantasy Boss, and you lurked around /r/FantasyMLS to get a heads up on all new developments. Now it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy!

Round 6 was the first round that I finished over 100, Thanks Wild Card! As I was drafting this team, I planned trades that would take me up to round 10 without needing to take any -4 hits. If you look back at my last team, you may be thinking that some of the injuries and Valeri red card could have put a damper into my plans, but actually they did not hurt me at all. Best of all, we get 3 FT after a Wild Card and I was able to use those to prep my team for the upcoming DGW.

Here is the MLS Fantasy Boss Round 6 Team. Go #TeamBoss!

MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 7 Team


Even with Worra starting, I’m sticking with Melia in the goal.


The obvious move this week was to drop Hedges for someone else. I was already planning to swap him with Tierney because it sets me up for the New England DGW in Round 8 and Maybe I’ll get some of the Guy Sanchez luck this round. Everyone else stays the same.


That’s right, I’m keeping Valeri. I was already planning to just bench him and currently I think I’ll even keep him in Round 8 and play him as a SGW player (yeah he’s that good). Instead, because I was not counting on 3 Free Trades, I was able to drop Dax for Piatti and dwap the injured Pappa for Neagle. The Piatti trade is obvious because of his form, Neagle was just the best option I had for the extra $7.8 in my bank. Zusi also stays in my team because I want to see if he is able to start converting his attaching involvement into fantasy points.


No change, just benched Adi.




I’m going with Piatti because I don’t have any of the other top choices and I think he’ll be able to have more free space if the Toronto defense decides to focus on Drogba.

That’s the MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 7 Team. No don’t go changing your team to be exactly like mine, because there are a lot of viable players and strategies. How does that compare to your team? If you have any questions about my team, or yours, I encourage you to post at /r/FantasyMLS or use the FREE Live Chat just to the right of this post. Posting pictures of your team is encouraged and most people are pretty good about giving constructive feedback.

Good Luck!


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