MLS Fantasy Boss Round 11 Captain

MLS Fantasy Boss Round 11 CaptainIt’s finally time for the first captain poll of the year. Don’t forget, the transfer deadline is Wednesday the 13th at 8:00pm EST so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set by then.

There are several good captain options for this first round, have you decided on yours yet? Well now is your chance to find out what others think and cast your vote for your favorite player. If you would like to join the discussion at r/FantasyMLS or be sure to join the Live Chat in the sidebar just to your right.

Don’t forget to vote in the r/FantasyMLS Round 11 Captain poll!

Bill Hamid: He’s a big keeper with a lot of skill and proven clean sheet potential. DC is also playing two of the poorest teams in MLS this week so this could be a doube CW week.

Boby Boswell: His CBI production is enough to tempt me to make him my #1 pick, but I think Hamid is by far the best lock of 120 min this week.

Long Shot

Kaka: I don’t like Orlando, but he’s the only one who has a chance at generating some kind of good week.

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