MLS Fantasy Boss Round 23 Captain Poll

MLS Fantasy Boss Round 23 Captain PollIt’s finally time for the first captain poll of the year. Don’t forget, the transfer deadline is Wednesday the 5th at 8:00pm EST so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set by then.

There are several good captain options for this first round, have you decided on yours yet? Well now is your chance to find out what others think and cast your vote for your favorite player. If you would like to join the discussion at r/FantasyMLS or be sure to join the Live Chat in the sidebar just to your right.

Don’t forget to vote in the r/FantasyMLS Round 23 Captain poll!

Giovinco ($12.6m – 24.6% Ownership)

This is the guy that many people the safe bet when it comes to a captain choice. Toronto will once again be w/o two of their three big stars and all of the focus will be on Gio, which is exactly how I believe he likes it. He only played for 45 last round so we know he’ll be coming out swinging. He’s honestly a toss up for number one pick for me, but I can’t argue that he should be in the top two.

Piatti ($10.4m – 8.3% Ownership)

Rounding out my top two captain picks, and also the second highest pick in the r/FantasyMLS poll, is Piatti. He’s been on fire for the last 6 rounds and has a double home game this week. Everything is set for Montreal to have a great DGW as long as they are able to capitalize on these chances. The only down side is they do have one of the tougher DGW schedules, but the Impact have a history of performing under pressure.

Bradley Wright-Phillips ($11.3m – 15.6% Ownership)

At a distant third is last years’ Golden Boot winner, BWP. The loss of Henry has really been felt on his goal totals this season, but his recent run of form, and a promising schedule make him a very tempting captain choice for Round 23.

Do you have any other names to throw into the ring as potential captain candidates? Post them in the comments below or come over to r/FantasyMLS to join the ongoing discussion and vote in the captain poll.

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