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I’m not going to lie, I had a very busy week and I dropped the ball of this great value gaining opportunity, so I hope you did not. Expect to see a lot of similar teams this round and everything could come down to the captain pick. But don’t fret, there is always the World Cup to enjoy! Good Luck Everyone!

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Keepers – Kept Hamid (injured now !!!!) and went with Ricketts for this round.

Defenders – This was tough because I had to deal with 4 player limits, some lackluster options, and injuries.

Midfielders – I’m happy with my midfield. I think I got the players that have the best chance to standout this round. Mapp would have been an option, but I’m not confident in him playing.

Forwards – I like these picks to. Perez is my least favorite, but I expect him to play and he has scored recently. Since I’m really just hoping for CBI’s from defenders, a goal would not upset me.

Bench – A couple of sub options but I’m not sure they will be needed.

Captain – Going with Valeri this week, please don’t be a Higuain!

That’s what I’m going with. How does that compare to your team? If you have any questions about my team, or yours, I encourage you to post at /r/FantasyMLS or use the FREE Live Chat just to the right of this post. Posting pictures of your team is encouraged and most people are pretty good about giving constructive feedback.

Good Luck!


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  1. Are you going to post a week 17 Fantasy Boss Team today?

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