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There is no way to sugar coat it, I took a beating last week and I have had to respond by using my Wild Card. I’m glad I did not use it a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps I would not have been in this situation if I had. But why waste time focusing on the past, I’m happy with what I’m fielding this week and surprised that it ended up being a bit different that my team makeup for most of the season.

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Keepers – I grabbed Penedo for all of the double game weeks that LA will be having.

Defenders – What happened to my budget defense? Well, I’ve earned some cash over the season and I splurged. I’m hoping these guys can rack up some big CBI numbers and cause a rain of bonus points on my score this week to makeup for the recent drought in Round 23.

Midfielders – I’ve added in some mid ranged guys that have hit some goods spots of form and a few of my expensive players have come off of theirs. Also a little bit of setup for Round 25.

Forwards – Pretty classic front 3 with 2 double game weekers ad BWP.

Bench – Plenty of sub options if needed thisround.

Captain – I’m going with the group this week and picking Keane, though I was close to picking Zardes!

That’s what I’m going with. How does that compare to your team? If you have any questions about my team, or yours, I encourage you to post at /r/FantasyMLS or use the FREE Live Chat just to the right of this post. Posting pictures of your team is encouraged and most people are pretty good about giving constructive feedback.

Good Luck!


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