MLS Fantasy Boss Team – Round 33



It’s the final game. The good news about this new, fewer prizes, format is if you’re not in the running for something, have fun with it. Take hits, get a super differential player, try to get the lowest score, whatever! Though, I hope you’ve been having fun all yet and if this site has helped you, then I happy and hope to see you around next season. Now, on to my team.

MLS Fantasy Boss League (Maybe a Trophy) – Auto Join

Keepers – Having some fun and going with Kennedy. I think RSL will score lots, but SJ could be a CS in disguise.

Defenders – Rolling the dice again on my double DC defense.

Midfielders – Finally added Nguyen and swapped my Moraleses.

Forwards – Keeping it the same and going with three I hope all score.

Bench – Some good guys, but not like it’s mattered since week 10 right?

Captain – Going with Martins!

That’s what I’m going with. How does that compare to your team? If you have any questions about my team, or yours, I encourage you to post at /r/FantasyMLS or use the FREE Live Chat just to the right of this post. Posting pictures of your team is encouraged and most people are pretty good about giving constructive feedback.

Good Luck!


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