MLSFI 10th Season Anniversary

MLSFI 10th Season Anniversary

Welcome fantasy managers to the 2024 MLS Fantasy season! This is a very special season for us because it marks the 10th anniversary of the MLS Fantasy Insider podcast being a part of the MLS Fantasy Boss network (aka the NEW MLSFI Podcast). For those who don’t know, the MLS Fantasy Insider podcast was created by Lance and A.J. back in 2013. In this same year, I started a website that would become MLS Fantasy Boss. We had some great cross collaborations but after the 2013 season ended, Lance and A.J. had planned to retire the MLSFI podcast. I asked if it would be possible to keep the project going and they agreed. So in March of 2014, the New MLSFI officially became a MLSFB project and in December of 2014, the original New MLSFI team and I published our first podcast. 

It’s been a long and crazy ride since then with a lot of changes in the voices who participate with the show and the passionate fans who help behind the scenes. However, two driving objectives have remained constant, our desire to help provide players of the MLS Fantasy game with information and the cultivation of a fantastic MLS Fantasy community.

With that little trip down memory lane out of the way, the MLS Fantasy Boss team is very excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MLS Fantasy Insider. All season long we’ll be working with special guests from MLSFI’s past to help us celebrate and reminisce on times past. There may even be some special swag for our Patreon supporters!

The first episode of the 10th season of the MLSFI kicks off Monday, February 5th with our Eastern Conference Preseason Preview. While you wait, you can check out the insights shared by some of our top Discord members in my first 2024 preseason article.

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