MLSFI: 2019 Round 26 A Small Canadian DGW & Open Cup Final

Round 26

Reid, Michael, and Blayne get together to discuss all of the surprising moments from Round 25 and the most important fantasy takeaways leading into Round 26.

They start by reviewing Round 25 and getting feedback about the most surprising results from those in Live Chat and Twitter. The FC Dallas scoreline, and Rooney Red Card top the list, but the San Jose rotation is also a popular topic. They round out the segments talking about the important Fantasy takeaways and we find out if the guys agree that DGWs can make it hard to move up in the Fantasy ranks.

Special attention is given to LAFC and Montreal during the housekeeping section, as the status of this players will have a big impact on the makeup of many teams in this coming round.

The wrap the show with player selections for Round 26 and have debate over exactly the number of DGW players required for a good score in Round 26.

Be sure to listen before 8:00 pm EST on Wednesday so you don’t miss out on any advice before teams start to lock!

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Round 26 A Small Canadian DGW & Open Cup Final

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