MLSFI: 2019 Round 29 Differential Hunting During the DGW

Round 28

Reid, Michael, and Blayne are joined by top Patreon donor Sherry Snyder to review the top fantasy moments from Round 28 and preview the upcoming Round 29 Fantasy game week.

They start by covering several of the most surprising moments from the previous week, including the SGW players who stood out the most, the unexpected scores, road winners, and the potential impacts on the upcoming DGW players.

Sherry then joins the show to share here fantasy journey, the resources that have helped her succeed in 2019, and her experience as a member on the MLSFI Patreon family.

They wrap everything up by covering the top player options for Round 29 and finish the segment with a discussion on differential options.

There are only a few rounds left in the season so now is the time to make your move and this episode has the tool to help you succeed!

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2019 Round 29 Differential Hunting During the DGW

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