MLSFI S3: 2017 Rule Changes with Ben Baer

2017 Rule Changes

The fantasy game is back and one of the most talked about topics is not new players but the new unlimited transfers rule. MLS’s own Ben Baer stops by to chat with us about the 2017 rule changes to the fantasy game and shares some special news about the MLS Fantasy Insider Podcast. After the interview, Reid, Jason, Mike, and Andrew talk more about all the 2017 rule changes and plug some upcoming fantasy projects. It’s a must listen to episode if you’re planning to play this season!

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MLSFI S3: 2017 Rule Changes with Ben Baer

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  1. Bradley Klemetson

    One thing that I feel like is getting overlooked as a HUGE plus to the new transfer change is that you can now make your transfers the first day of each week and then go and change them if you are able to be there when the line ups are posted but if you can’t be there or make it in time or you plain forget then you already made transfers on Monday. This was something that I was hoping to be able to do and was mentioned multiple times on the MLSFI podcast last season.

    The main negatives I see are that you will be tempted to spend a butt-load more time reworking your whole lineup each week which can be very time consuming as well as everyone being able to jump on the band wagon for a player who is on fire without worrying about transfers.

    Thanks for all you do. Love the podcast!

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