MLSFI S4: Preseason Hype Part 1

Preseason Hype

We’ve dusted off our microphones, pulled out our spreadsheets, and polished our crystal balls. It’s 2018 and we keep ticking off the days as we get closer to the start of the MLS Fantasy season. For now, it’s time for some preseason hype!

When will it come? We don’t know, but we’re here to get you excited! Join Reid, Michael, and Blayne and get the hype train going for this 2 part episode!

First stop, our interview to the Soccer Cooligans! Part 2 will drop a few days later and we’ll breakdown the transfers that we are most excited about from each team.


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MLSFI S4: Preseason Hype Part 1

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  1. Will you be releasing your podcast on iTunes again this year, or is it just going to be on other podcast platforms?

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