MLSFI S4: Round 2 Preview

Round 2 Preview

Reid, Mike, and Blayne sit down with MLSFB Stats Guru Andrew Crollard to dig deep into the current state of the MLS Fantasy Game. No topic is off the table! Mike rants about the recent point debacle, Andrew breaks down his work on decoding the price change system, Blayne drops some knowledge on the Autoroo and Keeperoo, and Reid just hangs on for the ride.

After all the dust settles, we review all of the games for Round 2 and let you know who are early favorite players are at this stage in team planning. It’s another longer but must listen episode.

21:05 – Housekeeping
24:40 Mike’s Injury Report
28:05 – Reddit Question Discussion
29:35 – 34:20 – Mike’s Rant about the Recent Point Problems
44:20 – Blayne Explains the Autoroo, Keeperoo, and Trasnferoo
51:30 – Round 2 Game Previews and Player Picks

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MLSFI S4: Round 2 Preview

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