MLSFI S4: Round 25 Preview

MLSFI S4: Round 25 Preview

Reid, Mike, and Blayne get together to review the top fantasy takeaways form Round 24 and mourn the two blowouts that didn’t happen. They also take some time to highlight the big DC result and what fantasy managers can expect in the weeks to come.

After that, they jump right in to previewing the Double-Game Week teams in Round 25 and Reid join in the fun by offering his thoughts on player picks and potential value gains.

They wrap up everything by congratulating the Spring Patreon winners and reviewing the latest results of the MLSHI Hosts H2H league.

Round 24 Review – 2:22
DC United – 17:11
Housekeeping – 22:43
Injury Report – 26:47
Round 25 DGW Preview – 28:44
Round 25 SGW Preview – 51:41
Player Picks – 54:27
League Updates – 1:03:25
Plugz – 1:05:52

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MLSFI S4: Round 25 Preview

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  1. On pod Reid, while discussing Timbers, said, “These are not teams in their conference…and they’ve got a big Cascadia game coming up…I think we’ll see a lot of guys play likely in the D.C. game, and maybe see some rotation happen with SKC so that the have time to rest up before the Sunday game…”

    As you have a SKC fan amongst you, I’m surprised this was allowed to go unchallenged. Not only is SKC not not in Portland’s conference, those teams currently sit 2nd and 3rd in that conference, separated by two points. Based on that alone, the match against SKC would seem the most important of Portland’s next three matches (@DCU, @SKC, Sea) despite match against Sounders being the big “rivalry” game. Add in there is a full 8 days between match at SKC and home match against Seattle, rather than 3 b/w this week’s road matches, doesn’t it stand to reason Portland would prioritize the SKC match over DCU?

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