MLSFI S4: Round 9 Preview

MLSFI S4: Round 9 Preview

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Phil Luetchford to talk about his recent trip to England and the upcoming MLS Fantasy round. They start things out touching on some of the most important fantasy moments from Round 8 and Mike is sure to get a few digs in on the Red Bulls. After that, they answer a few Reddit questions about modifications to the price change system and preference for Autoroo and Transfer players. They wrap everything up with a game by game preview of Round 9 and a THUNDERDOME bestrewn Mike and Phil over NYCFC v DAL.

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7:04 – Reid’s Round 7 Review
23:00 – Housekeeping
28:38 – Reddit Questions
41:10 – Round 9 Preview
1:02:10 – Chalkboard Picks
1:06:30 – League Updates
1:07:30 – Plugz

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MLSFI S4: Round 9 Preview

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