MLSFI S5: Round 8 Should You Load Up on Vancouver?

Round 7 Preview

Reid, Michael, and Blayne get together to review all the Fantasy takeaways from the adjust Round 7 Double Game week and talk about all the options for Round 8.

They start out by recapping the recent score readjustment and then get into a discussion about the value of Vancouver players for the upcoming DGW.

They wrap up with a review of the best player options for Round 8 and go on a little tangent about differential picks and the value of Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Check it out before games lock on WEDNESDAY!

  • Team & H2H Recaps – 2:58
  • Round 7 Review – 9:31
  • Housekeeping & Injuries – 20:09
  • Round 8 Preview – 24:41

Host & Co-Hosts

Special Guest

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Links to items discussed

Round 8 Prepping for the First DGW

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