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Game Week 24 Team

Game week 23 went great for us KFC! We ended up grabbing 73 points and were the 3rd highest point getter in our league. But this team was geared for the double games tat happened in Week 23, so now it’s time to shake things up. Wild Card time! Here’s the team: Keeper: Szczesny -> OUT and Mignolet -> IN. …

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Significant Defense and Attacking: Week 24

A few changes to the graph this week, and a new name for the article. I hope it sums things up a little better. So, as always, the disclaimer: These numbers show how each team is doing, compared to the league average. Defense There is now a 50/50 split of teams that are above average and those that are below. …

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Our New Home

Welcome to the new home of KFC fantasy soccer. We’ve had a few new ideas about how to get some more people involved in out league, and I thought that might require us getting a bit more powerful blog tool. So we’ve moved to WordPress. If you are just finding this site, please remember that we are still getting things …

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