Stats Summary – Week 22: Who concedes the most PPG to a specific position?

Stats Summary - Week 22: Who concedes the most PPG to a specific position?

Trying something a little different this week that should make bringing a larger volume of stats to you guys a lot easier for me. Here is a link to a series of Tableau graphs (for some reason embedding isn’t working for me and I’m too tired to figure it out right now) that show the average points per game conceded to starters by each team for each position home and away. The first four graphs are all for when the team is the away team. So SKC concedes 6.083 PPG to opposition keepers when SKC is on the road and 4.154 PPG when they’re at home.

So, here’s some of my initial take-aways:

  1. You can play your forwards against Montreal regardless of whether they’re home or away.
  2. The largest PPG conceded by a team to a specific position is to forwards by RSL when they’re on the road. Good time to grab Morris and/or Dempsey this week.
  3. Second largest is New England to forwards when they’re on the road. Wondo is worth a look for round 25.
  4. Not shown in these graphs, but NYC players average exactly the same PPG home and away. They average more PPG away from home than players from Vancouver, Orlando, Columbus, Chicago, and Portland do at home.
  5. Seattle top the “safest away play” for both keepers and defenders. If you listened to the podcast this week, you know how much I think Lodeiro changes this team and think they won’t be nearly so bad attacking when they’re away from home.
  6. Don’t grab forwards playing at home against Dallas, LA, SKC, or Colorado. There’s a clear top-tier of those four defenses when they’re on the road.

There’s a lot of data in there to look at and weigh. Now that we have a decent sample-size, this data should mostly hold for the next couple weeks, so feel free to keep referring back to it as you make your transfers!

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Andrew has worked as both an economist/data analyst and as a university and youth soccer coach. Naturally, marrying soccer and data together is a perfect fit.

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