Round 2 Differentials

Bold Predictions Round 18

Every week, I’m going to go over my suggestions from last week, and determine if they were a good or bad pick based on position and points. To describe in detail the ranking system here is the metric: bust = 3 or less points (or not starting), average = 4-5 points, good = 6-8 points, great = 9+ points. 

  • FC Dallas Goalkeeper – Bust (3 points)
  • Charlotte Center Backs – Bust (Walkes DNP, Sobocinski DNP, Makoun 2 points, Corujo 1 point)
  • Houston Defense – GREAT! (Tim Parker 12 points, Steve Clark 8 points)
  • Pedro Santos – Good (7 points)
  • Ethan Finlay/Fagundez – Good (Finlay did not start, Fagundez 7 points)
  • Victor Vazquez – Average (5 points)
  • Facundo Torres – Bust (3 points)
  • Kevin Cabral – Bust (3 points)
  • Julian Carranza – Bust (Burke was the pick! 2 points for Carranza)
  • Darwin Quintero – Bust(did not start)

Week 1 Final Results: 1 Great, 2 Goods, 1 Average, 6 Busts

Full Season Results: 1 Great, 2 Goods, 1 Average, 6 Busts


Brandon Bye, $6.5m or Dejuan Jones, $7.4m (New England Defender)

One guy scored a goal, the other guy got an assist and 3 bonus points in a 2-2 draw against Portland last week. Both are great options again this week, hosting Dallas. Bye is the budget option, at $6.5, but still provides attack up the wing. Jones is the more expensive option, with lots of bonus point potential as well. I personally would suggest going for Jones, as he’s lined up on the side against Twumasi, the weaker of the two Dallas fullbacks.

Nick Lima, $6.5m (Austin Defender)

Late game, check. Home game, check. Against a weak team, check. Got an assist and clean sheet last week, check. Differential, check. Nick Lima is not going to be the common pick of an Austin defender for this week. While most people are going for Kolmanic ($6.5) or Kipp Keller ($4.0), why not try to spice things up and take Nick Lima? He gets into the attack, and provides crosses on the wing. This is a bit of a steeper option defensively as some people would like, but I believe that Austin gets a second clean sheet at home against a weak Miami team. Kipp Keller is an easier option to go for if you don’t have the budget to afford Lima, but also will probably be a popular pick amongst other fantasy managers.

Christian “Titi” Ortiz, $9.1m (Charlotte Mid)

Okay I’ll admit, Charlotte defense was not a good suggestion to make. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t look dangerous offensively, though! The man behind all that danger? Charlotte’s number 10, Christian Ortiz. Not only is he on set pieces, but he was half a step offside from putting Charlotte on top over DC United in their opening game. Now that Ortiz and Charlotte FC are in front of 75,000 home fans –Yes, you read that number right, SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND– I expect Ortiz to deliver in a meaningful way. On top of being a goal threat, Ortiz put up 4 bonus points in a 3-0 loss, being 5 key passes, 4 crosses, 1 big chance, and 6 ball recoveries.

Yaw Yeboah, $7.5m (Columbus Mid)

Yaw Yaw Yaw. More like fast fast fast! Yaw Yeboah finished last week with a score of 8 hosting Vancouver. This week, the 24-year-old gets to travel to the sunshine state of California and play against San Jose. You know what is good against San Jose’s man-marking system? Speed. You know who has speed? Yeboah. As SamuraiPandaFC says “I’m having flashbacks to the match where Jordan Morris just dribbled past the entire San Jose midfield and back line.” If you remember that game, Seattle won 7-1. Speed kills.

Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, $5.9m (Toronto Mid)

What a fun name, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty. From here forward, I am going to refer to him as JMR. If you’re looking for more of a value-pick, JMR is going to be your guy. He ended up with 4 (almost 5) bonus points in a 1-1 draw on the road to Dallas. JMR probably won’t be goal dangerous, but he does get bonus points, so he has a solid floor, and gets to prove it in a home fixture against the New York Red Bulls.

Kellyn Acosta, $7.0m (LAFC Mid)

Another player with a solid floor as a mid – Kellyn Acosta. Kellyn actually has a ceiling as well, though. He is splitting set pieces and corner kicks with Carlos Vela for LAFC. Since he is the primary set piece taker for the USMNT, Kellyn definitely can serve up some quality balls. With this in mind, he has the potential to hit a couple of set piece assists and explode at any point. Since LAFC is hosting Portland this weekend, and Portland is short 2 center backs, Kellyn seems like the perfect value-mid option to hit a potential ceiling play.

Talles Magno, $6.3m (NYCFC Forward)

Magno feels like one of those picks that is just a gut-feeling. He had an off game week 1 against the Galaxy. Really, everyone on NYCFC had an off game. They did just get over a CCL fixture, and have another one on Tuesday after their game. However, this game is going to be in Vancouver, who just got exploited by Columbus. With Magno most likely being a rotation risk either in this game or the CCL game, take caution with this pick, as it is a risky one. However, if he does start, he has a decent chance to make a name for himself against a weak Vancouver defense.

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