Round 21 DiffeRANCHals

Every week, I’m going to go over my suggestions from last week, and determine if they were a good or bad pick based on position and points. To describe in detail the ranking system here is the metric: bust = 3 or fewer points (or not starting/on the bench), average = 4-5 points, good = 6-8 points, great = 9+ points. Players not available for selection I am disregarding and not counting as a positive or negative in the article.

  • Carlos Teran – Great (9 points)
  • Henry Kessler – Good (8 points)
  • Mauricio Pereyra – Bust (1 point)
  • Gregore – Average (5 points)
  • CJ Sapong – Bust (2 points)
  • Maxi Urruti – Bust (2 points)

Week 20 Final Results: 1 Great, 1 Good, 1 Average, 3 Busts

Full Season Results: 16 Great, 21 Goods, 17 Average, 58 Busts


Deandre Yedlin, $5.8m (Miami Defender)

Two away games and you want a piece of their defense? Are you crazy, Ranch? Why, yes I am. I am quite crazy. I have some sort of weird infatuation with picking double road defenders on bad defensive teams. This week my choice is Deandre Yedlin. His workrate of getting into the attack gives him an upside against the weak defense of San Jose and Montreal. Do I expect a clean sheet? Probably not, but I would love an assist!

Shaq Moore, $7.0 (Nashville Defender)

The defense isn’t really what should be targeted for Nashville this week, as I much prefer their attack given the matchups. However, if you want a cheap differential, why not go for the newly added player to both Nashville and Fantasy MLS, Shaq Moore. The USMNT right back came in and played 63 minutes for Nashville last weekend scoring 9 points (clean sheet, minutes, passes, ball recoveries). This is a good sign of things to come for both Nashville and Shaq Moore!

Ravel Morrison, $8.5m (DC United Mid)

Another new addition to the Fantasy MLS game and to MLS in general – Ravel Morrison. He scored 5 points after completing 96 passes in his first appearance. In addition, after watching the game, Ravel gets into the attack quite often. I can definitely see an assist or goal happening this week as DC United face Charlotte and NYRB.

Randall Leal, $8.0m (Nashville Mid)

Mukhtar is the chalk captain for a reason! His counterpart, Randall Leal, is a good differential option if you want to double up on Nashville attack. Leal may not be as lethal in the attack as Mukhtar is, but he is still very much involved and will score you points. When Mukhtar starts to fade during open play, Leal is the player to pick the team back up! 

Gyasi Zardes, $7.0m (Colorado Forward)

I can’t get through this article without mentioning a Colorado player. I would normally put Michael Barrios here, but mentioning him twice in a year would give Reid a heart attack! I’ll be kind to Reid and instead choose Gyasi Zardes. Colorado starts their week away to NY Redbulls then come back home to host a Minnesota team without Reynoso, Lod, and Boxall. The Minnesota game is the one that I want Zardes for. This should be a blow out win for Colorado. 

Gonzalo Higuain, $8.3m (Miami Forward)

You know how the saying goes: “Never pick a guy after he scores a hattrick. He won’t produce 2 games in a row.” Well, let’s break that rule and take a guy who just scored a hattrick! Higuain is playing 2 games on the road this week versus San Jose and Montreal. Both teams have some questionable defensive mistakes that give a player of Gonzalo’s quality a chance to capitalize on. 

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