Round 7 Advanced Transfer Tactics

Advanced Transfer Tactics

In this new article at MLS Fantasy Boss, we will look at the some of the best options for setting up a Keeperoo, Autoroo, or a Transferoo for the upcoming round. For those unfamiliar with these tactics in MLS Fantasy, you can find a detailed explanation here.

Mangers should select an Over/Under value for Keeperoos and Transferoos so they know when to keep a score or when to go digging for a better options. This number is usually around the average of a potential replacement with variance on how good the replacement’s matchup looks like.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Keeperoo

For the keeperoo, you want to pick an early game goalkeeper that you hope will have a great game. If he does, you leave the position alone. If his score doesn’t suit you, you look for a sub to put on the field from a later game.

Matt Turner, $6.2 NE

New England is on a roll and Dallas is unproven on the road. With a keeperoo to Melia on Sunday, this is a safe bet if you don’t take Sean Johnson on the DGW.


Turner’s over/under is set at 6.5. Melia is facing a Seattle side yet to score a goal and most players will likely go with Sean Johnson’s two games. Save some cash and roll the dice.

Jake Gleeson, $4.0 POR

Gleeson has hit rock bottom pricing so he’s the prefect candidate. He cannot lose value and Melia is a prime to be the first choice keeper.


We’ll put the over/under on Gleeson at 7.5 as well. With bottom pricing, managers can afford to be extra greedy here.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Autoroo

In short, the Autoroo involves loading your bench with two or three players and letting the automatic substitution pick the highest score or scores.  These should be your boom or bust players that can’t be predicted.

When running 3 bench players, you need 2 scrubs on the field, but only 1 if you are running two bench options. You won’t have to watch results closely here, just set these guys up on the bench and let the game do the work.

New York Red Bull midfielders $6.5-$8.1

Pick your poison here. They’ve all got solid averages and should see price rises, the question is which players will start. Budgeting in one or two of these guys as autoroo candidates just makes sense.

Teal Bunbury, $6.2 NE midfielder

Bunbury got a start at CF but is listed as a midfielder. With the Revolution sharing the ball, he’s a steal with center forward potential.

Brek Shea $5.3 ORL defender

With 4.17ppg and a lot of attacking movement, Shea has a huge upside over other defenders. As prices of the big names continue to rise, value options like Shea are hard to come by.

Gabriel Somi, $5.0 NE defender

$5.0m for 5ppg seems like a steal, but Somi is on pace for another price rise and a potential to beat his average with FC Dallas coming to town.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Transferoo

The ultimate weapon in maximizing your team value is the Transferoo. For this you pick an early game player looking for that big score, just like a goalkeeper. If you hit it right, you’ve saved a lot of money, but if the player is a bust, grab a replacement. With the power comes one major drawback. Every time you employ this strategy, you lose overall value on the field with a bench player that won’t see the field eating into your budget.

Joe Mason, $7.8 COL Forward

Mason has a pair of goals already, but isn’t making headlines with Dominique Badji stealing the show. As teams show Badji more respect, Mason has a lot of potential. Despite being a touch expensive, he can be replaced on the field by some excellent talent in the later games at a bit cheaper price.


Mason will need a goal to be the auto sub, so look at 6.5 for the over/under. He is playing TFC after their midweek game.

New York Red Bulls Midfielders

For the reasons above, the Red Bulls are all valuable Transferoo options with the early game on Saturday.


Given the prices of the cheaper options, take a gamble at 6.5 for the over/under.

Aaron Maund, $5.3 VAN Defender

Maund is playing the 3rd game of the round and a value pick. If LAFC cannot break down the bunker style of Vancouver, he’s got the chance at the clean sheet.


Maund’s over/under is 7.5. Get the CS and a bonus point and call it a win otherwise look at other options.

 Overlapping Players

It must be noted that many of the Autoroo and Transferoo players can overlap. Setting up an autoroo with two early players can turn into a transferoo if both scores are sub par. Many of the late game week autroo candidates are perfect replacements for selected transferoo players as well.

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