Round 9: Schweinsteiger and Minnesota get it done!

Bold Predictions Round 9

I’d admit to being a little over confident in the Revs. They ended up winning neither of the 2 games and let in 2 goals and not one. However, they did manage to keep a clean sheet in one and looked dangerous at times, but were still missing that final something. Honestly the Revs weren’t good. They were playing at home and should’ve done better. Now they’ll have to make up for it on the road where there form hasn’t been good.

Let’s move on to my fantastic pick of the weekend. I almost nailed the ATL scoreline. Atlanta picked up a 3-1 win against RSL this week to bounce back from a poor outing in Round 7. You can tell they miss Martinez a lot, but the fact that they’re still this dangerous without him means everyone should be considering them as MLS Cup contenders, barring injuries.

This week I’m feeling really good about Minnesota and Chicago, so let’s get to it.

Minnesota Coming Home with Newfound Confidence 

Minnesota got their first clean sheet of the season. That is a huge accomplishment. We have to look at this, though, and realize Colorado doesn’t have the most lethal of attacks and was the first team to concede a point to Minnesota earlier this season…but still, baby steps.

This newfound confidence gives Minnesota what it needs to overcome the slump they were in, while they make a statement to the rest of MLS with a win over San Jose this weekend. Like Colorado San Jose’s offense leaves much to be desired, meanwhile Minnesota’s has been one of the better attacks in the league. Anyone who thinks Minnesota still doesn’t have what it takes is crazy in my book and will probably still be in denial after Minnesota pull of a win this weekend.

Bold Predictions

Result: MIN 2-1 SJ
My Picks: Molino ($10.0), Ramirez ($8.1), Venegas ($7.6). Take your pick of the 3. Molino may be out of your budget, but Ramirez has shown he can be the goal scorer Minnesota needs and Venegas looks to be settling into the central role now that he has a couple of games under his belt with consistency.

Schweinsteiger Doesn’t Like Losing…End of Story

The Red Bulls looked good in a 2-0 win over Columbus, one of the better attacks in MLS. Meanwhile Chicago struggled to keep up with the return of Giovinco to GOAT status and a Toronto team clicking on all cylinders. Even still, Chicago looked good at times and were a few misses away from this game going the other way.

Chicago lost to the MLS Cup runner up and Golden Boot Winner that looked even better last week than they did all last season. The Red Bulls beat a Columbus team that has always been dangerous, but is a proven underachiever time and time again. I wouldn’t read too much into the score lines from last week.

The biggest reason Chicago is going to win this week? Schweinsteiger. When I watch his interviews or see him play in the World Cup, I feel his mentality and his drive. When he says he hates losing, I believe him. I would bet money he’s not going to let a Red Bulls team that is, in my humble opinion, destined to miss or just barely make the playoffs

Bold Predictions

Result: CHI 2-0 NYRB
My Picks: Schweinsteiger ($9.3), He had a dud last week with only 3 points, but he also got subbed off early when the game looked to be out of reach and you know he’s not going to forget that. He’ll make sure the only way he’s going off the field is if they’re up 10-0. Nikolic ($9.5) has proven he can score for the fire and was so close a few times against Toronto.

I advise staying away from the Red Bulls. At most they get one goal and maybe Sascha generates some BPs but no guarantee there.

As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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