Switcheroo Targets for Round 2

The switcheroo is one of the essential advanced tactics in the game. By seeing how your bench performs and choosing to keep or ignore their scores, managers can hedge their bets to come out ahead. In this article series, we will pinpoint potential bench options and their switcheroo replacements along with giving target scores we would like to see from the bench.

Now that Round One is in the books, we have some data to work with on deciding who to take in Round Two. This early in the season, the bench is best utilized to raise your team value while hunting for decent point potential.

Round 2 Switcheroo Targets

John Pulskamp $4.2m – GK SKC: SKC play the first game of the weekend on Friday night and Pulskamp is $200k over minimum. He’s a must own for the keeperoo potential for next to no investment. His 4 point average is on par with his price making him a safe value option as well.

Danny Wilson $5.0m – D COL: Wilson got an early start this season and earned a clean sheet with Colorado. With injuries to Lalas Abubakar and Sam Vines, he may start the second week as well. Hosting Austin is a solid clean sheet chance for a cheap defender that will get a price rise.

Luka Stojanovic $5.0m – M CHI: Stojanovic bagged a goal and assist in week 1 for a Chicago team that looked good against a strong NER defense. His 10 point game has him set for a full $500k rise and the point potential is there, even on the road vs Atlanta with fans.

Tyler Pasher $4.4m – M HOU: Pasher was rewarded for his hard work in Round 1 with an assist. Pasher is young, cheap, and willing to track back from an advanced position. There is plenty of bonus point potential.

Caden Clark $5.0m – M NYRB: Clark is known for one thing in MLS: Golazos! He scored one in the first week and will be playing at home against the Galaxy in week two for the last game of the weekend. He definitely needs to be on every manager’s radar as a viable late option if everyone else struggles. Keeping the extra $1m on hand just in case you bench flops is advisable this week.

Robbie Robinson $4.5m – F MIA: Managers will be mourning over the poor performance by Lewis Morgan, but Robbie Robinson’s emergence as a cheap weapon is something to celebrate. The kid is due another $500k price rise if he just steps on the field. At this price, he can be a late switch-in-to target if other bench options don’t hit earlier in the weekend.

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