Switcheroo Targets for Round 3

The switcheroo is one of the essential advanced tactics in the game. By seeing how your bench performs and choosing to keep or ignore their scores, managers can hedge their bets to come out ahead. In this article series, we will pinpoint potential bench options and their switcheroo replacements along with giving target scores we would like to see from the bench.

Round 3 is the first round where we will know the 3 most recent scores for the 3 week average. Cheap players that benefitted from heavily weighted games will lose the preload benefit. Now is the time we can branch out from the purely value game and look at raw points with the idea of maintaining value.

Round 3 Switcheroo Targets

David Ochoa $4.6m – GK RSL: We’ve only seen one game from RSL this season and it wasn’t great for Ochoa, but $4.6 against a potentially depleted SKC attack at home is worth a shout given how weak the potential for clean sheets is this round. Spend a little bit here and swap to your preferred keeper if things don’t go well.

Donny Toia $4.5m – D RSL: The clean sheet chance may not be here, but take if from SKC fans that speed and being able to attack from a wide angle is a great way to rack up bonus points against SKC. This is pick based on tactics, but one that could pay off in a major way.

Leon Flach $5.0m – M PHI: Flach has come on strong for the Union and got an 8 in his first start. Hosting NYCFC is a tasty matchup that could see another solid fantasy score if he starts.

Cristian Dajome $7.2m – M VAN: $7.2m might seem high for a switcheroo target this early in the year that doesn’t have a stellar average, but Round 2 showed two key reasons to take Dajome. Dajome has taken over PK duties from Lucas Cavallini and Colorado has been lost on defense so far. If Abubakar and Vines don’t start for Colorado, Dajome is poised to shine.

Matt Polster $5.7m – M NER: Polster has put up 3 bonus points in each game and his value has risen with each week. Given his next outing will be against Atlanta, you could see that production increase significantly. You’re not looking at an incredibly high ceiling here, but you’ve got a solid floor that will give a great return for the price and free up money to spend elsewhere without sacrificing point potential.

Cade Cowell $4.9m – F SJ: Cowell had an excellent Round 2 on the way to a nice with for SJ. Given they play a DC side that can’t fill a full bench, he’s a potential must own for the bench and a prime late target to switch in to playing the last game on Saturday before three games on Sunday.

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