Switcheroo Targets for Round 4

The switcheroo is one of the essential advanced tactics in the game. By seeing how your bench performs and choosing to keep or ignore their scores, managers can hedge their bets to come out ahead. In this article series, we will pinpoint potential bench options and their switcheroo replacements along with giving target scores we would like to see from the bench.

Round 4 is where some big choices have to be made. It’s time to answer some big questions. Do you want to continue to build value? Is it time to push hard for a Champions League birth? How risky do I need to play to make up ground? For mangers outside the top 1500 in Champions League qualification, it’s likely best to continue to build value and hope to build an advantage by Round 8. Managers in the hunt will want to look at safer plays to continue building points and value. Managers that have fallen behind, but still feel they can qualify should look at differentials to make up ground.

Round 4 Switcheroo Targets

David Ochoa $4.6m – GK RSL: We’re going right back to Ochoa this week. He gave up a goal to SKC last week, but it wasn’t his fault. The reality is, unless you want to splurge for Room on the bench for $7.0m, you’re going to be looking at someone like Ochoa early and switch to your preferred keeper option.

Andrew Brody $5.0m – D RSL: Brody has a single sub appearance in his career, but in that 60 minutes, and managed an assist and clean sheet against Sporting KC. If the injuries on the RSL backline are there, Bordy is an easy candidate to slot in for the Friday game and will get a price rise at the end of the weekend.

Michael Barrios $6.8m – M COL: Barrios is one of those players that gets you a few points or has a huge game. He’s not the guy to be counted on every week, but hosting a reeling Minnesota United could easily be his first explosive week of 2021. You’re playing the matchup here, but this differential switcheroo could pay off in a big way and help make up some ground.

Sean Davis $5.8m – M NYRB: Davis is sliding under the radar this year. He currently boasts the 4th best Points per Dollar in the game and at $5.8, he’s averaging 6 points a game. This isn’t your typical high ceiling switcheroo target, but given Red Bulls are hosting Toronto, this could be his chance to shine.

Diego Fagundez/Josh Stroud $6.1m and $4.2m respectively – M ATX: This is a two for one special this week. Austin plays the last game of the weekend against SKC and there is some rotation risk. Both of these guys are putting up solid numbers for their price and fall in to the “switch-in-to” category. If everything else goes wrong, bringing one of them in for a scrub could pay off nicely.

Cade Cowell $5.4m – F SJ: Cowell’s assent is still going after a 16 point round 3. This kid has so much to offer this week. San Jose plays the first game, his price is cheap enough that you can easily fit him in, and he’s guaranteed another price rise. The only down side is this is a road matchup.

Rubio Rubn $7m – F RSL: Rubin has started both RSL games this year and is averaging 12 points in those starts. A home matchup vs San Jose in the first game of the weekend is easily a prime candidate for more goals. Rubin is guaranteed a price rise as well. The only issue is the price given Cowell is $1.6m cheaper and plays at the same time.

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