Top Fantasy Private Leagues

Top Fantasy Private Leagues

A couple of years ago, there was a dashboard view in the MLSFantasy game that gave players a quick view for some select stats, highest scorers, top 5 players, and the top 5 leagues bases on average score. In the grand scheme of the game, I can understand why this was dropped because it did not really add much to the game. However, the information was interesting so I thought it would be fun to to see how the leagues stack up this season.

I reached out to Jaewoo at MLS Fantasy Viz to see if he could help gather the information. Unfortunately, I only have a list of total players, and not average score at this time, but I hope everyone still enjoys a look. Here is the result.

Top 25 Fantasy Leagues

as of (6/25/16)

Below this table is an Excel file with all of the data that Jaewoo collected. I’ve broken it down to have separate tabs for Class, H2H, and MLS Team leagues. This table, is just the top 25 private leagues teams. This included both Classic and H2H leagues but excluded the MLS Team leagues which we all get automatically added to based on which team we say is our favorite (or think has the easiest competition).

League NameLeague SizeLeague Type
ExtraTime Radio1645classic
r/FantasyMLS H2H464h2h
Sounder at Heart427classic
FF247 MLS League424classic
MLS Fantasy Insider391classic
/r/MLS (C)315classic
Talkin' Touches MLSF216classic
The Brotherly Game204classic
/r/MLS (H)174h2h
NYCFC Forums163classic
SR Fantasy League 16153classic
MLSDG Head-to-Head114h2h
Eighty Six Forever106classic
Crew Supporters Union103classic
MLSFB Chat Regs H2H102h2h
Fantasy World Cup100h2h

Excel Spreadsheet with Full Results

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