Round 20-34 Schedule Update

Round 20-34 Schedule Update

Thanks to the encouragement from the r/FantasyMLS sbreddit, I’ve modified the MLS season schedule that I made at the start of the year with a Round 20-34 schedule update. I’ve basically done two things based on the feedback that I have seen. First, I’ve cut the schedule down to just show the final rounds of the season. Second, I’ve added in markers for the Open Cup and for the MLS All-Star game.

Remember, if you are going to make your trades with these events in mind, be sure to check out the links above so you can see the Open Cup teams, and All-Star roster. Also, be sure to check out the starting lineups for the Open Cup games as some of the teams may field stronger starting XIs that others, especially if they feel secure in their place in the Cup Playoff.


Round 20-34 Schedule Update

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