2015 Cup Conference Final Leg Two Predictions

2015 Cup Conference Final Leg Two Predictions


Semi Final Recap

Out of the 8 games what were played during the semi final rounds, my ELO system successfully predicted the winner in 6 games (including 1 draw), and came up short for two. One of the missed predictions and the draw came during the Portland vs Vancouver series. When we look at the overall regular season performance, I think many fans would have agreed that Vancouver seemed to have an advantage, but it’s never safe to discount the passion a good Cascadia match up can bring out. Portland has continued to ride the wave of form that they found at the end of the season, and Vancouver was just not able to get out of their funk.

The other missed prediction came during the the first DC vs New York game, but I don’t think anyone was surprised by this result or would have called it an upset. So overall, I believe that the system is continuing to hold up pretty well going into the Conference Finals.

2015 Cup Conference Final Leg Two Predictions


But I guess this will not be good enough since the Home ad Away goal totals look like they will be key in these games, so I’ll take a shot and call who I think will be in the final. Portland can expect Dallas to throw everything at them tonight as they are desperate for a big win, but after watching the Timber’s performance last weekend, I think they will be able to snag an away goal and advance to the final in the end.

As for the NY v CLB game, as much as I’d love to see Columbus make it to the final, I think New York is going to refocus all of the frustrations from last weekend into a potent attacking force. This will all come down to the defenses though, if the Red Bulls can stay strong, I could see this game being decided in extra time. Unilaterally, I think New York will find a way to come out on top and advance to the final.



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