2015 Cup Knockout Round Predictions

2015 Cup Knockout Round Predictions


Regular Season Recap

Well the Fantasy season is over and what do we have to show for it? Stressful nights, broken friendships, and spreadsheets full of fantasy data. So I started thinking to myself, what is the best way to start to wind down and there was only one answer… KEEP GOING! So I’m keeping my ELO Predictions article going through the end of the playoffs.

Before I get to my Knockout round predictions, I’ll take a moment to review how the ELO system panned out over the regular season.

As a quick reminder, the ELO system that I use does not attempt to pick the winner of a game, but the likelihood a team will get points. This means that a draw counts as half of a win for a team. So after 340 games, my ELO system correctly predicted which team would earn points 267 times. That comes out to a 78% success rate. Not too bad eah?

Knockout Predictions

So what does the knockout stage look like?


Unsurprisingly, all of the home teams have the advantage during this round. This continues a pattern of strong home field advantage that we have seen through many MLS seasons. However, three of these games are between teams with a lot of rival history so if there is one outcome we can be cretin of, it’s that we’re in for some great games.


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  1. It is good to be cretin of our outcomes!

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