2016 Final Fantasy Stats Download

Fantasy Stats

One of the most common questions I hear at the start of the season is “What were the stats lat year”. It can be hard to look through each player’s history tab, so I’ve worked up something a little easier for you.

Below I have three sources that players, old an d new, may find useful when looking for 2016 Fantasy Stats

The firs is an excel spreadsheet that I created that includes just the stats that I think are important for each position. The file also breaks down each position by the number of minutes played, and finished with just the top 25%. Within these sections I’ve provided a calculation of various stats when broken down as Per 90 and Per Game.

Next is a file of data gather from MLS Fantasy Viz. This will give you ALL the information from every player in the game.

Finally, there is a CSV file download for all stats from 1996 – 2016. This was provided by a user on r/MLS.

Thanks and Enjoy!!

2016 Fantasy Final Stats Download


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  1. Hi,

    Is there a site in which I can get the data for bonus points, minutes, CS, etc etc
    Basically the player by player data of each weeks game?
    If so, is there a link?

    • My spreadsheet has a lot of that information, but it is not broken down by week. That might be available through one of the other two links. I’m not sure for bonus points through, that is not a separate stat that is tracked in the game and I’ve always have to pull it by hand.

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