2017 Round 1 Form Difficulty Charts

2017 Round 1 Form Difficulty Charts

There are many different types of articles that can help fantasy managers prepare for each round. Player recommendations, injury updates, and captain polls always help, but MLSFB started with simple charts difficulty. Let’s get back to the basics. Here are the 2017 Round 1 Form Difficulty Charts for the MLS Fantasy season.

These charts attempt to reduce bias by removing a human element and working 100% with data. Even so, the accuracy will be off some at the start of the season because there is little data to pull from. Everything will even out as the season progresses. Still, it’s a good estimation. Please feel free to provide feedback to me on twitter, e-mail, live chat, or at /r/FantasyMLS.

Difficulty Chart

This chart displays how difficult the next 6 games are for a team. Opponents’ difficulty is ranked from 1 to 6 and a +1 advantage is given if the opponent is the home team. Maximum difficulty for a team is capped at 6. The chart can be read as: Team “X” on the left is playing Team “Y” at Home (if bold) or Away (if not bold).

The game ease percentage is based on the calculated difficulty vs the hardest potential difficulty. This removes bye weeks from much of the calculation because they add 0 difficulty. Double game weeks have a 1.5 modifier to represent increased fatigue. This means that teams with a lot of DGWs are often ranked as having tougher schedules. Teams with multiple bye rounds can also be ranked as difficult due to the overall potential difficulty of their reduced schedule.

Form Chart

This chart breaks down a teams’ form into three categories: home form, away form, and form over last 6 games.

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One comment

  1. If this is “simple” I am screwed. How does the game ease calculation work?
    Looking at VW…1+3+3+3+2+5 = 17 pts.
    For max difficulty, is it (6*5)+(6*1.5)= 39? Does the fact they are a home team for 4 games change the numbers for those 4 games? Is there an inverse in there?

    It makes even less sense to me when I go down to the bottom…

    At least I understand the form chart.

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