Best XI 2018 – Round 2

Fantasy MLS is back in 2018 and so is our Best XI Predictions. In this segment, we attempt to discern the best Starting XI possible for MLS Fantasy within a few constraints. We’ll only be using a $100m cap this season, or two seasons with Spring and Fall. The new “autoroo” will be used frequently as well to give us the higher of two scores off the bench.

Previous Result

Week1 hurt. Overall the team lost $0.4 and scored only 59 points. Several of the key players did not hit their expected output and the failure to snag a single clean sheet was enough to sink this team.


  • Goalkeeper – Bendik $5.5 ORL
  • Defender – Valenzuela $5.5 CLB
  • Defender – Phillips $4.4 RSL
  • Defender – Barry $4.8 RSL
  • Defender – McKenzie $4.0 PHI (Autoroo)
  • Defender – Ockford $4.0 SJ (Autoroo)
  • Midfielder – Higuain $10.5 CLB
  • Midfielder – Meram $9.6 ORL
  • Midfielder – Rusnak $10.5 RSL
  • Forward – Martinez $10.7 ATL
  • Forward – Zardes $8.7 CLB


  • Goalkeeper – Zobeck $4.0 DAL
  • Defender – Martinez $5.0 CLB
  • Midfielder – Davies $6.0 VAN
  • Forward – Pinho $6.3 ORL

Total Value: $95.5

In Round 2, this team is stacked with promising midfielders in prime matchups The notable absences are from NYC, but due to budget constraints they are not included. Martinez vs DC is a better overall matchup than Villa vs the Galaxy.

There are three players set up to Autoroo for the two scrubs in the lineup. All three are young and getting quality minutes giving a lot of opportunity to score big. More importantly these three free up lots of cash for the rest of the lineup to be stacked with playmakers.


These week has too many options to choose from without second guessing it every time it is set. Higuain and Columbus look very good against a shaky Montreal. Rusnak playing against the MLS newcomers LAFC is a prime candidate. Meram scored 7 in the season opener and should do even better against Minnesota. Any of the potential forwards could go off for a huge score.

This week, we are going with HIguain and Columbus. Montreal is one of the worst teams in the league and it’s hard not to select the attack facing them.

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