Best XI Predictions – Round 8

Best XI Predictions - Round 8

Did you ever wonder what you could do with a team if you used a Wild Card every week? In Best XI at $120m, we will explore the options available to brand new players as well as those using a Wild Card as we predict the rounds Dream Team. Along with the best players by round matchup, players with the best upcoming schedules will take precedence over similarly priced players.


Goalkeeper – Shuttleworth $5.8 NE: Shuttleworth has been

Defender – Coelho $7.9 SKC: The leading defender in FMLS points has two more DGWs over the next three weeks. Any restructured team must include him.

Defender – Woodberry $5.0 NE: The up and coming youngster will get more minutes as he fills in for the injured Tierney. A huge cost savings with the potential to score big points.

Defender – Aird $6.5 VAN: Parker was the early season favorite from Vancouver but Aird has put up more points and remains cheaper, if only by $0.1.

Midfielder – Piatti $10.5 MTL: Piatti remains the top scoring midfielder in the game and a DGW makes him a must have for round 8

Midfielder – Feilhaber $10.9 SKC: While some argue he hasn’t been too effective, the points he’s generated in his starts say otherwise. A DGW in rounds 8 and 10 make him a must have at this point.

Midfielder – Valeri $10.3 POR: Serving a red card is a good way to lose a spot in the best XI, but Portland is playing two games this week so Valeri will get to play. He’s the best BP scorer in fantasy and capable of keeping pace with the DGW options this week.

Midfielder – McNamara $7.2 NYC: McNamara is a boom or bust style player, but two games in Yankee Stadium should treat him well enough.

Forward – Villa $11.2 NYC: One of the biggest names in MLS just happens to be one of the stronger goalscorers in the league. Double home fixtures usually mean goals. This one is a no brainer.

Forward – Adi $10.2 POR: One of the hottest goalscorers so far in 2016 with a DGW. Look for more production from Adi.

Forward – Giovinco $12.2 TFC: Despite being on a SGW and going head to head with Dwyer and Drogba, Giovinco gets the final spot on the 3-4-3 for one simple reason: He’s that good and Portland are playing a backup keeper without Powell and possibly without Ridgewell. That’s easy pickings for the crafty Italian.

Subtotal: $97.7m


Goalkeeper – Rowe $4.6 LA

Defender – Redding $5.0 ORL

Defender – Gullein $4.0 DAL

Midfielder – Steinberger $4.0 HOU

Forward – Badji $4.7 COL

Subtotal: $22.3m

Total Cost: $120

With a total cost of $97.7 taking the field, there is just enough left to fill out the bench and have a few backup options going forward.


Really too hard to call. Piatti has his upside, but Villa and Adi are at home for two games apiece (Correction: Adi is Away and Home this week). Sporting has to turn it around sometime and when they do, Benny is likely to be pulling the strings.

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  1. Adi not at home for 2 games…. POR terrible on the road,

  2. For more post like this. Showing tips of each position and the bench, and the total value of the team. Keep it up.

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