Scoring Changes by Specific Position

Scoring Changes by Specific Position


By: Andrew Crollard, @crollaa

Changes abound in the scoring system for the upcoming Fantasy MLS season. The below chart shows how they changed for the average starter for the specific positions. (Click here for definitions of specific positions)

Center backs and defensive mids are helped quite a bit more than everyone else by the new scoring system. It is entirely possible the new scoring forces us to abandon the conventional wisdom of using a backline of all budget players and completely avoiding defensive midfielders. As always, player prices are important in finding out if a player will return enough points for their price. Even with these two positions receiving the largest benefit of the scoring changes, they still both linger behind attacking midfielders and goal-scoring forwards in terms of PP90.

Some additional random thoughts:

Outside backs are now the worst points producers, dropping below defensive mids. Wingers had the least benefit from the scoring changes. Forwards further distinguished themselves as the kings of production as their benefit was greater than the benefit to attacking midfielders. Of the starters, 7 of the top 10 largest gains from the new scoring system were defensive midfielders. Osvaldo Alonso had the largest gain among starters with +2.23 PP90 followed by Higuita (+1.94) and Laba (+1.57).

Specific position Adjusted PP90 Old PP90 PP90 change
Rounded F 6.32 5.75 0.57
Poacher 5.70 5.28 0.42
Winger 5.63 5.33 0.30
CAM 5.63 5.14 0.49
CB 5.16 4.39 0.77
Shuttler 5.11 4.44 0.67
DM 4.45 3.72 0.73
WB 4.44 3.91 0.53
FB 4.25 3.82 0.43

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