Significant Defense and Attacking: Week 26

Here are Week 24’s Defensive and Attacking numbers. Numbers collected from data created by Squawka.


There were several good defensive performances last week, including another, much needed, shutout for Stoke. In total, more than have the league is doing better than the defensive average. But which teams have significant numbers?

Last week there were 4 teams, this week 1 more team joins the significant ranks. QPR has the top spot, and I don’t think it should be a surprise after the additional shutouts they have added to their record since Redknapp took over. Next there is Tottenham and Chelsea. Chelsea took a big tumble down the list after giving up 3 goals last week. Sunderland and Arsenal round out the top 5.

I’m feeling a but more comfortable with QPR defensive players, LFC actually played Cesar last week and we were very happy with the results. If you are looking for some value QPR and Sunderland would be good options to consider. The other teams defiantly have great players to pick from, but they may not fit a budget this late in the year.


The top attacking teams remain unchanged. Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Arsenal charged to the top of the list this week, but it’s worth noting that the top 4 teams are so close to each other that none of them stand out…basically, there is no significant difference between the top Significantly better teams. Fixture difficulty is definitely what you want to look at when picking attackers, and with the Double Game Week coming up, you can’t go wrong with the Liverpool players.

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